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2019-09-22 23:35

  Hi! Gibt es in Joomla voch das Geshi Plugin? Wie kann man es aktivieren? Wenn nicht, gibt es eine Alternative für Syntax highlighting? MfG,  Zitat von WebWorker Berlin Man man man Isch habe das doch schonmal für Euch vorbereitet Geschi für alle! ! Und sogar in der aktuellsten Version Geshi Joomla Download-Erweiterung

Working with Joomla 3. 7 and below. Currently testing with. Geshi Highlighter for Joomla was removed from core plugins after release of the Joomla 3. 1 version. It was a necessary plugin for the developers. As a developer myself I needed it extensively to highlight the codes.

Für mich ist sie die beste DLKomponente im JoomlaBereich. 24 Sep 2012 20: 32. MVC: mit der sich Aktivitäten in der DownloadErweiterung Geshi Joomla Download-Erweiterung

3) Joomla 2. 5 1. 7 Komponenten Module Plugins   Try this if you have installed de ruby lang for GeSHi, The following post lists a few different language commands for GeSHi, Easy Code Highlighter is an easy to use system plugin for highlighting code snippets in Joomla. This plugin is supported by all versions of Joomla and has 8 theme styles to define. The highlighter is supported by about 18 programming languages. Geshi Joomla Download-Erweiterung Geshi is outmaticaly determining the code language by the extension of the file. NEW GESHI The joomla embedded Geshi isn't always the newest version so I decided to rather use a external SVN Export of the current Geshi Version. You can download the latest geshi package from the geshi webpage and place it in a directory in your joomla Here is how to use the Joomla GeSHi Plugin. What to do with TinyMCE and how to extend the Joomla GeSHi plugins languages Anyway, the problem with Joomla's Geshi is that it is impossible to find instructions on how to use it. (If anybody reading this article does know where there is some good documentation, by all means please let me know. ) Some research and testing after, I came up with a good way of using Geshi syntax highlighter in Joomla